Facultad de Medicina
Universidad de los Andes



I´m an immunologist dedicated to investigate the process of immune tolerance. Our research centers in understanding the role of a small population of T cells, known as T regultatory cells, which are pivotal to keep the homeostasis in our body.

I invite you to navigate in this site, to know our contribution to the immunology field and other activities  in which we participate.


I attended Universidad de Chile between 1998 to 2005, receiving the professional degree of Engineer in Molecular Biotechnology. Then, I went to the US and worked as research assistant at Randy Noelle´s lab (Dartmouth College, New Hampshire). In 2006 I joined the Molecular & Cell Biology (MCB) Program from the same school, defending my PhD thesis in 2010.


In  2011 I returned to Chile and worked as assistant professor at Facultad de Medicina of Universidad de Chile.

Four years later, I joined the Facultad de Medicina at Universidad de los Andes in Santiago where I´m associate professor and the head of the Immune Regulation Group, which belongs to the Program in Immunology hosted by Centro de Investigación e Innovación Biomédica (CiiB) of the same university (www.uandes.cl/ciib).

Twitter @KarinaPinoLagos